Our mission is to improve the workplace experience and enable employees, visitors and facility managers alike to think differently about what the office of the future looks like.

Data layers

We will guide you through all of the steps from our first conversation and gathering requirements, to post production support.

Our system works in combination with your existing access control systems, we simply upgrade it with an additional data layer and install our sophisticated IoT sensor device.


As an end to end developer, our technology is proprietary to us. We are the technical experts talking directly with the users of our product. So we can work together with you in a partnership, collaborate and gather feedback. We have a fast turnaround, and can resolve issues in tandem with you. Your client manager will coordinate all efforts for your peace of mind.


Integration into office

We continuously integrate and work together with new access control systems. We have a portfolio of successful and complex integrations. An integration allows you to use your existing user base for instant access using facial authentication. From 100’s of user’s to 100,000’s we are able to meet your capacity demands.

Process of the device

Simply, photographs are imported associated with technical ID’s (Wiegand code or otherwise) and upon recognition a signal is sent of identification (same as a reader) with the final determination happening by the access control system and the door or turnstile is opened.

Installation and Support

We manage all installations of our system working with our team, or outside contractors to ensure you are satisfied.

Support and training for your staff is provided so that you are able to make the best use of our system as intended.

Product visualisations and coordination with your design team can also be requested.

Secure Network

Secure Network

We can meet your network requirements to enable a secure connection between our system and your computers. So you are able to access our user interface from anywhere you wish and adjust settings, monitor activity, or export data.

Pci-dss logo

With additional security requirements we maintain a connection to the device to be able to monitor the status, as well as resolve any technical issues remotely.

If you require the use of an IPSec or SSL VPN connection we will also help to set one up.

We are PCI DSS certified which is an information security standard that allows payment processing and adhere to the most stringent requirements.

Developer API

Api example

Integrate your data and software solutions with the YouMay API, tailor it to your needs and enable greater use of the information gathered for HR, office management, as well as other smart building systems.

Every company has unique requirements, and processes that can be enhanced through the use of our system and user interface.

If you are a developer and wish to make use of our API or simply discuss potential collaborations please reach out to us.