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The talking point in the conversation about the office of the future.

Edge computing re‑envisioned

Our approach is simple, to create the highest quality recognition at the fastest speed. To accomplish this we re-invented both hardware and software directions

  • The most powerful computing device for access control, that functions as the brains of our ecosystem.

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  • We layer on top of this our proprietary algorithm that consists of multiple deep convolutional neural networks.

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Supercomputing with deep ML‑enabled algorithms.

Our local device allows us to process frames and recognise individuals much faster than previously possible. This allows it work in a wide variety of conditions and angles while maintaining perfect accuracy.

  • 0.2 sec

    recognition time on the move

  • 100,000+

    No false positives for 100,000 registered individual*

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*This can be expanded for use depending on requirements such as for our payment solution. False Positive is an uncorrectly recognised individual that is given access, we exclude this situation from occuring.

Seamless access

Over time security barriers, will become non-existent altogether and our system is the necessary stepping stone. If you are authorised for entry, access should never be a concern.

We create the perception of a virtually seamless access control. You will only pause if for effect with the fastest recognition on the market happening on the move.

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Local device, high‑end encryption

Building security entails both ensuring the safety of physical assets, as well as people, and intellectual property.

  • Poster Secure

    All recognition happens locally on‑device, never in the cloud

  • Poster Card

    Facial authentication for access control eliminates the restrictions of physical keycards.

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    Your personal authentication through our system is your own, it can’t be passed along to anyone or lost.

Smart buildings, require smart access control

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Smart buildings respond to the needs of its occupants, with the majority of tenants and visitors valuing the use of technology to create the simplest user flow for them.

User-centricity and technological innovation that we use to automate and simplify the working day. We present a modern solution that aligns with the brand positioning of our customers.

Our app and client

YouMay App / Client
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    YouMay app

    Unified registration allows you to send invites and get instant access to any entryway using YouMay.

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    YouMay client

    User-friendly interface for managing users, and device settings.

  • App
  • Client

Technical parameters

350х110х80 mm
Ethernet (RJ45 or WiFi) Wiegand Relay output
O.Gate device insides

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  • Technical consultation for gathering requirements
  • Integration and Installation with your existing ACS
  • Full-servicing, training, maintenance and support
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